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The solution that meets the needs of asset managers

Cheng Peng

Alexandre Attonaty, Flore Pourquié, and Jean-Marie Touron from Poste Immo explain how SONEKA meets their needs for asset management, and share their pleasure in working with SONEKA.

What does SONEKA bring to you in monitoring your activity?

Poste Immo has the particularity of having a vast park, with many types of assets, for my part, spread throughout the Ile-de-France region. We have about 1,200 buildings, so I need to have not only a macro view of the asset managers’ actions, but also a micro one of what’s going on in each of the buildings in terms of asset management.

Thanks to the latest generation of reporting with charts and pie charts, which are highly visible and dynamic, as soon as an asset changes something in the building, it consolidates directly and it allows me to take my reporting with me constantly, to have it with me constantly.

Are there any features of SONEKA that you particularly appreciate?

Before, we used to do portfolio reviews, which were monthly meetings in which there were about ten people around the table, which we would set up in Word.

We switched to the news feeds in SONEKA, which allows me to follow the progress of each individual, each of the asset managers’ actions in SONEKA, and to find those actions out there everywhere I go.

SONEKA being a web tool: when I go on a site, I often take my phone, look at the building, to look where it’s positioned, look at the leases, look at the rents, move around the building, and at the same time look at the building plans I have in SONEKA.

So it’s a real advantage to have a tool that can be carried around. But the tool that can be transported is also a tool that can be shared. When we are in a meeting, we plug on a computer, and we are able to broadcast the vision of the building, the photographs of the building, the plans of the building on the screen from SONEKA. We have a tool that can be shared from the asset manager who carries out actions on the building to the general manager of the company.

We have a tool that can be shared, that is incrementable, that everyone can work on, and we can have summaries.

We really have a tool that’s adapted to our 2020 asset manager activity.
Alexander Attonaty
Director, Head of Consulting and Asset Management

Is SONEKA a good tool to manage assets?

SONEKA is an efficient tool that allows us to have a 360° vision of our buildings. We have essential information on the building which are the works, the financial data, the rental status, the vacancy. We also have the strategy which is defined for each building.

It’s a tool that also allows us to export data to Excel, which is a significant time-saver for the assets.

Moreover, the tool is very intuitive, we can easily switch from one function to another.

I would say, in conclusion, that it is a tool that is pleasant, efficient, effective, and that allows us to correctly understand each building.
Flore Pourquié
Asset Management Manager

After nearly a year of deployment, what observations do you make of SONEKA?

Today, after a little hindsight on the implementation of SONEKA in the company, we still have 3 good reasons for satisfaction:

The first is that our assets are refocusing on their core business, and learning to share, and as a result, we have gained enormously in transversality.

The second important reason is that there is a very high rate of acceptance of the tool among the teams. And this goes beyond the department, since other departments envy this tool and want to use it. So we are already working with them to create bridges, in particular towards rental management, project management, management control, technical management of buildings.

And then, the last point is that the tool allows us to envisage a much finer reasoning and analysis than we imagined at the beginning.

As I often say, in the end, we dreamed it, SONEKA did it!
Jean-Marie Touron
Consulting and Valorization Manager – SONEKA Project Leader
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