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The real estate asset management solution that meets the needs of each particular type of financing

Cheng Peng

Ladislas De Laubespin, Fund Manager at Roche Dubar, explains how SONEKA has added value to his missions, especially with SONEKA's financing module.

Can you introduce Roche Dubar and explain what you do?

Roche Dubar is a real estate investment and management consulting firm. It started in the 90's with a strong specialization in commercial real estate and now it has been extended to corporate real estate.

The strategy is to invest in the regions with real estate companies that are created regularly, typically with an "Esprit Club", so about forty investors.

Today, we have strong growth with more and more real estate companies being created.

What was your need?

The initial need for SONEKA was first of all to bring our different businesses together. There is initially the acquisition part. Then the management of the buildings. Then there is the relationship with the investors and the reporting. And finally, the financial follow-up of the assets.

Our need with SONEKA was really to have a single source of data, to make these businesses work together on a single platform, and to achieve a real simplification.

What would you say is the added value of SONEKA for your missions?

SONEKA meets our needs. We have the right software for us. In fact, we have achieved real added value on two points:

  • The reliability of the data, because everyone works on the same system, namely SONEKA.
  • Customization, especially with the reports that we can generate. And more than customization, it's actually evolution, because we can make the tool evolve, depending on what we want to obtain and on our clients' requests.

In particular, can you tell us more about SONEKA's financing tracking functionality?

In order to bring all our departments together, we also need to add a section on financing, because we cannot report to investors without reporting on financing. Nor can we manage SCIs without monitoring their financing, which will have an impact on our final return. Gross returns are fine, but the important thing is the cash that the investors will receive. That's why we need a financing module.

The SONEKA funding tool is really useful. There are so many things that can be variable, and that we need to find in SONEKA. This financing module today allows us to arrive at cash flows that are very close to reality.

First, because it incorporates all the options needed for each particular type of financing: loans, hedging instruments, caps, swaps.

Secondly, and most importantly, because it offers real customisation, an adaptation to the different types of contracts that are found.

SONEKA's financing module is very sophisticated, and it allows us to arrive at net returns, and to follow the financing of all our assets and portfolios, and everything that goes with it.

How is the relationship with the SONEKA team on a daily basis?

On a day-to-day basis, the real advantage of SONEKA compared to other solutions we can use is the relationship with the team which is very direct. It is pleasant to have a service where our needs are taken into account very quickly, and where the evolutions take place. And where we don't spend months asking the same question.

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