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of assets have been integrated in SONEKA.





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They have chosen SONEKA


"a tool adapted to our asset management activities in 2023".

Alexandre Attonaty
Director, Head of Consulting and Asset Management

Easily access to all the information about your assets

Access to not only information, but also documents, easily and securely at anytime, anywhere, for all, with any device.

A unique cashflow motor

Reliable and rapid calculation (1 second for a cash-flow of 100 tenants) at all levels (lease, building, portfolio and legal entity), as well as comparison between scenarios.

Build your Excel and PowerPoint reports from SONEKA

Gain a 360° view of your buildings by exporting your favorite building information and KPIs from these reports in one click.

Integrate your one-of-a-kind process to SONEKA

A very configurable real estate tool designed by asset managers for asset managers.