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Don't call us a startup anymore

Cheng Peng

As we start a new year, we're thrilled to share the outstanding achievements and milestones that define our journey at SONEKA in 2023 ⬇️

💼 17 new customers, including real estate players in Espagne🇪🇸, Allemagne🇩🇪 and Belgique🇧🇪, have joined the SONEKA community.

📐 The total surface area of assets in SONEKA has exceeded 49,000,000 m² - which corresponds to 90% of the tertiary stock in the Paris region.  

🗺 This corresponds to more than 18,000 assets in 17 countries.

👥 More than 2,500 property professionals use SONEKA and have made almost 10 millions queries on the solution over the past year.

🌟 At SONEKA, we're more than a solution - we're a partner in success. We take pride in empowering our clients to focus on creating value within their real estate assets and facilitating their decision-making.

In tandem with our remarkable achievements, we are very pleased to welcome 10 talented new members, bringing bring diverse expertise to the SONEKA team. Together, we look forward to pushing boundaries, innovating, and achieving new heights in 2024. 💪

🙌 None of these achievements would be possible without the incredible support of our customers, attentive followers and a caring SONEKA team.

Here's to a successful 2024 and beyond! 😊

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