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SONEKA, the Management Tool that Empowers Portfolio Growth for Asset Managers

Cheng Peng

David Romera Head of Investment and Asset Management, and Paloma Castillo, Planning and Projections Coordinator, from Montepino share with us the advantages SONEKA has brought them as their portfolio grows.

Could you introduce us to Montepino and explain what you do?

David : Montepino logística is a vehicle for investment and promotion of logistics assets developed from scratch and the subsequent ownership and management of these assets. My role within the company is the responsible for acquisitions and Asset Management.

Paloma: Hi, I'm Paloma Castillo, planning and projections coordinator at Valfondo, which manages Montepino.

When and why did the need for an Asset Management tool arise in Montepino?

David: Having a management tool is something that we had in mind from the beginning that we would need, because at the end of the day it is our core business, asset management. But it is true that it became clear that there was an imperative need for having such a tool with the growth of the portfolio, because today we have more than one million square meters under management.

Has SONEKA satisfied this need?

David: Yes, it has clearly satisfied the need, it allows us to unify data and, above all, to manage all aspects related to assets, contracts, property, financing, etc. from a single tool.  

What has motivated SONEKA to be used in your department and others beyond the AM department?

Paloma: As SONEKA is an application that is capable of making projections and by adding assumptions such as CPI, market rent and others, we understood that it was useful for the rest of the areas such as finance, adding assumptions of financing, management costs, and thus having it all together in one tool, which allows us to make projections, budget controls, KPI calculations and returns all in one tool.

What tasks have you performed or are performed with SONEKA in your department and what has SONEKA contributed to the performance of these tasks?

Paloma: Well, they are tasks that we were already doing, but as our size and our portfolio grew, we were doing it a little bit manually using Excel and other applications, but this gives us confidence and control in having an accurate and constant data in a database and it also saves us time.

Could you tell us more about how the SONEKA team supports and adapts to the needs of these tasks?

Paloma: The team has helped us a lot because they have helped us to adapt what was already coming from SONEKA, to our specific needs and, in addition, as the team knows a lot about the business, they have been able to help us by giving us ideas to implement for our specific needs.

From your point of view, what are the main benefits that SONEKA has brought to the team in daily operations and in the market?

David: On a day-to-day basis, fundamentally in the confidence in the accuracy of data that SONEKA brings us. And then at the market and operational level, yes, it is a tool that allows a lot of segmentation for analysis and above all for the configuration of a correct Business Plan in the long term.

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