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SONEKA, the essential tool for Asset Managers: Testimonials from SONEKA users in Spain

Cheng Peng

Streamlined data, automated reporting, tailored support: Armando Carrera and Lucia Ortiz, Asset Managers at Montepino, explain how SONEKA has optimized their way of working.

Armando: I'm Armando Carrera Asset Manager of the company and part of the Asset Management team that manages Valfondo's Montepino portfolio.

Lucía: Hello, I'm Lucía Ortiz and I started managing the Montepino portfolio a couple of years ago when I joined Valfondo. I am in charge of the Asset Management team, a team that has been growing considerably recently, as our portfolio has been growing, we are now a team of 5 people.

How has SONEKA influenced your daily tasks?

Armando: It has optimized the processes we had previously established.

Lucía: Well, the reality is that it has been a change of mentality from all aspects, we have forgotten and we have managed to abandon, on numerous occasions, the continuous generation of Excel files and its constant updating, to move with a much greater agility, the veracity of the data, and that has implied that we manage to make decisions much more agile and have a greater capacity for analysis.

Can you tell us more about how SONEKA helps you manage data, make it more accurate and automate reporting?

Armando: Thanks to SONEKA, we were able to unify data from different departments and extract them into reports.

In particular, could you tell us more about how the SONEKA team supports and adapts to the needs of these tasks.

Lucía: Actually, it has actually been evolving since the beginning and it is true that the SONEKA team has accompanied us in all these changes, because the needs have been fluctuating as we were also getting to know the functionalities of the tool.

Initially it was going to be specifically something more dedicated to Asset Management and then the project has become something much more strategic, as an integral digital platform for the whole company, where finance, legal, and different departments have access and, with all these changes, it has been a thanks to all our team and SONEKA efforts that we have managed to integrate it into our day to day.

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