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The asset management solution that gives a vision of your business plan

Cheng Peng

Sylvain DUMAS, VALIMMO’s Director of Strategy and Finance, told us how SONEKA has added value to his work by allowing the team to easily update their different business plans.

Could you introduce VALIMMO and explain what you do?

VALIMMO is a real estate company that was born in 2005, specialising in commercial and business real estate.

And my mission is to have a vision of the liabilities and assets of our real estate company, and to be able to marry the two on a daily basis.

What was your need?

Given the strong growth in the property sector, my needs were to be able to respond to reporting and financial information issues for our financial partners, particularly banks.

We therefore need to be able to easily update the various business plans for the different buildings and structures, to be able to give our financial partners, but also our shareholders, a consolidated vision of the real estate sector.

Why did you choose SONEKA?

The determining criterion was the rather intuitive functionalities of SONEKA with a very dynamic interface in SaaS mode, and a facility of implementation which seemed to us relevant compared to the other products which one can find on the market.

How did the project go?

First of all in a rather remarkable way. It was quite rapid. It obviously required the assistance of the SONKEA teams, whom I would like to thank once again, but also the Sopra teams, who developed an interface with the SONEKA tool.

Once the interface was created, it enabled us to model all of our long-term leases in the SONEKA engine, giving us a projected vision of our NOI.

A few months after implementation, what would you say about the added value of SONEKA?

SONEKA allows me, today, to have a vision of my business plan, and thus of the totality of our flows and our NOI, over the years to come, according to the hypotheses which can be taken either in terms of investment, obviously, but also in terms of arbitration.

It’s a tool that is very easy to use, very configurable, and that allows us to make different scenarios and different hypotheses, depending on the strategy adopted by the landowner.
Silvain DUMAS
Director of Strategy and Finance

In particular, in this somewhat troubled economic period, has SONEKA been useful to you for the piloting of your portfolio?

VALIMMO, being a real estate company of entrepreneurs at the origin, had to be as close as possible to its tenants, as close as possible to the land. Our actions were quite important from the beginning and quite active. We approached each of our tenants to find out about the difficulties they were encountering, and which unfortunately still exist for some of them.

And the SONEKA tool allowed us to model, in fact, all these accompaniments, which were implemented by VALIMMO, precisely to have a vision on the globality of this troubled period, which requires to have a piloting at the finest and closest from a financial point of view.

What are the next functionalities you intend to use?

Today, we have a functionality that has already been made available to us, but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test it yet.

It is precisely the whole debt modeling, on which we are working with SONEKA to give them the different management cases that we meet with the financial partners. And so the goal for me is to eventually have the complete cash flows of the buildings and structures to be able to reconcile the NOI, and then decline the financing and see my final cash flow.

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